Vanci-G : The Next Frontier.


Hold on tight to your $Vancii: we are bringing Governance + Utility to the Vanci Ecosystem. Our friends can participate in the build of the next generational DeFi/Trading solutions by holding Vanci-G tokens after the launch.

Our team is well-connected to the DeFi world, and it has what it takes to achieve success in the market. We have been working hard, and are committed to bringing innovation to the crypto space.

As a holder of $Vanci-G, you will be an important decision-maker. Our team is gonna deliver on the top of the community voice. The future is in the hands of what we collectively create through the governance.

The first product is going to be a ground-breaking tool for simplifying trading for people. We are building an AI and ML-based algorithm, “Hawk:: ” to analyze sentiment and hype of various projects to enhance trading capabilities.

How $Vancii holders will get benefited through Vanci-G?

We are serious entrepreneurs, and we have given keen attention to the holders of $Vancii token with the launch of Vanci-G.

Vanci-G comes with a selling tax of 5%. Half of this 5% is added back to the liquidity pool. The rest go into the maintenance wallet to keep the project sustainable.

The Tokenomics are as follows:

Total supply 12000

pre-sale 7000 = 58%

liquidity 3000 = 25%

CEX liquidity provide 1000 = 8%

Treasury fund 500 = 4%

Team 500 = 4%

HAWK:: Know Trends Before Them

Hawk can be used to see analytical data showcasing the sentimental value of any upcoming or existing token to help you trade down the pipeline. Powered by Artificial Intelligence, holders can look up keywords pertaining to various coins, networks and even shillers to see how the general public attitude is towards those subjects.

Being a part of HAWK:-

Users can sign up for HAWK by a monthly subscription or bid for one of 100 limited supply NFTs that provide users with a lifetime subscription while also being a valuable tradeable asset.

Investors can use the portal to find out which coins have great growth potential before the next big pump!

Hunters can hunt where hot pre-sales are happening and how they can get on board. You can get a better picture of the token creator’s track record and public opinion on security concerns.

Project Owners can see how well their projects are doing with regard to the public eye. Hawk will help ’em to track and visualize the public sentiment on their project. Think of it as a decentralized review on the project which is an important parameter for the success of every project.

Influencers: The Hawk portal is a great addition to an influencer’s arsenal. The analytics will help influencers to cross-check their ROI on their calls within a specified period of time. The public/teams will also able to see past data and hire the right influencer for the job.

$Vanci-G is governance and utility token for Hawk::

More update on Hawk coming soon…

Get started

Only $Vancii holders will be able to participate in the presale of Vanci-G.
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We have a strategic partnership announced with! We vigilantly approach more projects with the help of our awesome community to get more investors that positively contribute to our project.

There is more than a lot coming in $Vancii ecosystem. Our governance will shock many people. So hold $Vancii and earn BNB while we build Hawk::

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